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Tentang US Election


Tahniah Obama. Tapi kemenanganmu tak memberi arti besar sebenarnya buat umat Islam.
Mana janji2 mu sebelum ini nak undur tentera tapi masih ada kat Iraq,Afghan,Libya dan banyak lagi.

Kau menjajah bumi Islam atas nama demokrasi.
Kau ratah hasil bumi Islam. Kau bom sampai kering,tandus ibarat padang jarak padang tekukur.

Tentera kau sesuka hati membunuh, merampas kemuliaan umat Islam yang telah kau jajah.
Sedang Islam dihina sedemikian kau berpura mesra dengan ayat2 manis serta janji kosong.
Memang retorik semata.

Kini Sandy pula datang mengamuk.
Ya Rabbi, adakah ini balasanMu?

Aku copypaste satu post oleh satu group kat facebook, Ahlul Sunnah Page. Jom hayati.



Peoples perception of things play huge impact on how they react to them, when you take this into account and you look at each case objectively and you study all its dimensions you realize that the "lesser of the two evils" is actually the greatest of all evils. because the people view a certain evil as a lesser of two they feel less threatened by it, they begin to settle for it, after settling they become used to that evil until in their minds it is no longer an evil. In the long run the evil that seemed the most harmless at first actually does the most harm because peoplel et their guard down and are therefore more venereal to its effects, in hadeeth by the messenger of Allah (PBUH) he said "the thing I fear from the most for this Ummah is the minor shirk" and he compared it to a spider walking on a black wall in a dark room, people do not even see it as evil and that evil takes advantage of people being unaware and therefore vulnerable.

As oppose to the greater evil or the evil that appears to be the worst upfront people are always cautious of it and naturally their defensive survival instincts kick in so no mater how big of a blow it can land the people are always aware of it and ready to confront it, not necessarily out of choice but simply from fear if they they don't take a stand they will be wiped from existence, and in the world that we live in the worst mistake a Muslim can make is feel safe.

If we compare Bush and Obama and put them on the scale and compare their actions and their rhetoric and the effects they had on the Muslims Ummah we see that what Muslims perceived as the lesser evil was in fact the most destructive, Bush chose brute force and made his intentions very clear from naming his campaign a crusade to the ultimatum he gave the world all the way to his claims that he was on a mission sent by God, the Zio-Crusader neo-con rhetoric used by Bush had a huge effect on the Muslims world wide waking them from their slumber and giving a huge boost to the Islamic revival and Jihad movements, Muslims felt threatened and they felt they were fighting for survival not just that they were also waking up to the reality of the west and they were beginning to see for them selves the true hatred of the kuffar to the deen of Islam.

America learnt its lesson Obama came and changed the Rhetoric but the actions more or less stayed the same, but that's not a problem as long as you tell Muslims that you love them you can launch drone strikes in as many countries as you want most people will be blind to what you are doing. Why? because Obama has mastered the art of sweet talking the Muslims. we love to feel safe and secure even if that feeling is just an illusion and as long as Obama is telling the Muslims he likes them he kill as many people as he wants because he is the "lesser of the two evils" and "at least he is not as bad as bush" and after 4 years of getting used to Obama he doesn't seem to be that evil any more .

Its safe to say that America has failed Militarily in the Muslim world but sadly it has some what succeeded in blurring the lines of al-wala wal bara and diluting the aqeedah of Islam. Bush can claim he killed more Muslims than Obama but Obama can claim that he put more Muslims back to sleep. so who is the greater evil.

Maknanya, datanglah sapapun persiden Amerika tapi selagi sekelilingnya IsraelZionis maka tiada yang boleh berubah dasar mereka terhadap Islam.

Umat Islam sendirilah yang kena bersatu untuk menang. Allahuakbar!