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The Marginalized Malays in their own country.

It is really sad that the Malays settlers,hawkers and monger in federal territory couldn't continue their business as usual. Though they've been doing their business in their area for more than 20years the government still refused to approve their grant application. Instead the government will the land to the GLC or maybe outsiders. You guys  no matter what party you are should watch and understand this video.

According to him theyre even actually the long time supporter of government! i dont know what will happen in the next GE though if considering his speech and current situation in KL.

And ohh, you should watch this too

Now you understand this issues? Its not about the party or political issues. Im really concerns about what will happen to these IKS entrepreneur because they dont have place anymore to run their business. And yet government will take over the land and give it to ousiders? Great!
No wonder they're so many foreigners now in KL. Even they pesessed place to d…