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No one above the law


Recently i quite spending time on internet reading blog especially uncleseekers . I have to admit everyday i must surf his blog to read his post especially the revealation about the royal. Since i read about it then i found this article .
well if you read it u must really be thankful to Dr M actually. I think everybody must agrees what Dr M have done. The vanishing of royal immunity is one of his contribution to Malaysia . We must know that nobody above the law even the king.

People in Malaysia especially Malays are not openly criticized their rulers, they rather shut their mouth and chose to quiet towards the rulers wrongdoing. But Mahathir has broke the tradition. Prior to the series of case involving the rulers like the death of prebet adam brother and many more the parliament has    vanishing the immunity of royals. Well its good right? otherwise we might can see another prebet adam!

In this article i also found out taht my state used to have great Mentri Besar, The late Datuk Rahman Bakar (alFatihah) who bravely criticized sultan pahang towrds his wrongdoing in the state. I really salute him though. I heard from my grendpa, he said Rahman is the MB that relly loved by the people. He fought for rakyat, but as we know those MB that didnt have good relation with the palace will receive bad fate. He only last 3years as MB.

Why rakyat will be so guilty if they  criticized the ruler? are they maksum?  angel? NO. this i still not understand. Recentluy when Nizar commenting about the www1 plate, the  crown prince responded and tweet something about it. I dont really remember wht the tweet but i remember he said theres no cure for stupidity. Is it true? we all know that knowledge / ilmu is the cure fir  stupidity. Does he think b4 he tweet?