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Academic Visit to Terengganu

Salam alaykum.

Last Friday on 7 Dec 2012 my class and to others comprise of more than hundred had visited UMT Library (Perpustakaan Sultanah Nur Zahirah) and Terengganu State Public Library.

Our main purposes of visits is to increase our knowledge regarding Library Automation development in both library. We departed from campus at 9.00 am and arrived at 1.00 am. Goshh it was such a tiring trip. Due to bus problem we couldn't arrive at exact time. Beside the driver do not know the alternative route to K.Terengganu.

First night at KTranung


Receive a warm welcome by the Liaison Librarian.
At PSNZ most of the management team there are our faculty alumni. They're proud as our visits were accompanied by their former lecturer which is En Azmi. They explained about the development of digital collection, digitisation process and materials in their library. They stated that this library are focusing on maritime and aquaculture fields.

On the evening we went to the Public State Library located at Hiliran,KT. The librarian there also our alumni. He told that they're not having trouble with financial issues as the state government is rich.
Public state library front desk.

Last day of our trip of course we visited several palaces to shopping and buy souvenir. I bought keropok lekor as other thing doesn't attract me as i used to stay here before.
My friend, Fran posed like an artist haha.

Stopped by again during way back home. Keropok lekor process.